Scaiella Ugo


Ugo Scaiella is Developer Team Leader at SpazioDati, a startup with offices in Pisa and Trento that develops products for sales intelligence and business information by leveraging big-data and AI technologies. He leads the R&D department for text analytics, machine learning, and information retrieval. Before, he served for 3 years as research fellow at Dipartimento di Informatica of University of Pisa, where he coauthored several conference papers with Prof. Ferragina (CIKM, ECIR, WSDM, IEEE journals, et al.) and he developed TAGME, an innovative algorithm for annotating text, which is now core to dataTXT, the text analytics engine developed by Spaziodati. Following the partial acquisition of SpazioDati by Cerved Group Spa, Ugo and his team are now focusing on a vertical implementation of text mining algorithms for business information, as well as experimenting with the latest big-data and machine-learning technologies.