Mean Time

1.5 months



Master in Big Data Analytics & AI for Society

The Master in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Society of the University of Pisa is an annual course to become data scientists.

Designed for graduates of all disciplines, it provides the tools to work in the area of data analysis applied to all fields, from business to research.

Teaching Mode: Online (MS Teams)
Hours: Wed-Fri 16-20, Sat 9-13
Lectures*: 29/11/23 - 31/07/24
Stage: 01/08/24 - 31/12/24
End of applications: 25/10/23
Instructions: Application
Portal: Alice
* Christmas and holidays vacations as described in the UniPi Academic Calendar.

Postgraduate master

The Master in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Society of the Pisa University is a postgraduate master, addressed to who have a master's degree. The course lasts one year and aims to train new Data Scientists and AI Specialists.

Open to all disciplines

The Master is open to graduates of all disciplines and provides competences and tools to work in the field of data analysis and AI in all sectors of business and research. It is also suitable for workers who want to acquire new expertise in order to improve their working position.

Theoretical and practical lectures

In addition to lectures, students attend seminars on the use of big data in industrial and innovation processes held by our industrial partners. The second part of the course implies internships and bootcamps at partner companies and institutions, under the supervision of corporate and academic tutors.

Provides a complete vision

The master is not focused on a specific application of data science, but ranges from business to research, in order to allow students to acquire expertise in the sector they prefer, according to their previous educational path and their aspirations.

Theroretical Competences

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Neural Network
  • Information Retrieval
  • Data Management Systems
  • Data Crawling
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Text Analytics
  • Time Series Analysis

Technical Competences

  • Scikit-learn
  • Tensorflow
  • Elastic Search
  • PowerBI
  • Nltk
  • Selenium
  • Networkx
  • Tslearn

In Brief


    Status: CLOSED  

    Starting 20/07/23 to 25/10/23

    Procedure: Application

    Portal: Alice


    Length: One Year

    Lectures: 29/11/23 - 31/07/24

    Stage: 01/08/24 - 31/12/24


    Mode: on line

    Language: English

    Credits: 60 ECTS

    Lectures: 472 hours

    Stage: 475 hours

    Cost: 4500€

    Students: 40

    Uditori: 20


    Material: Moodle

    Lectures: Microsoft Teams

Social and Economic Innovation

Big Data for
Social Good

Mobility Analysis using Mobile Phones Records, GPS Tracks, Smart-City Sensors, etc. Diffusion of Opinions, Reputation, Sentiment and Engagement in Social Media. Big Data and Official Statistics

Big Data
for Business

Big Data in Finance and Economics, Recommendation Systems, Novel CRM Applications, Data Journalism and the use of Big Data in Electronic Publishing

Technologial & Scientific Areas

Big Data

Data Management for Business Intelligence, High Performance and Scalable Analytics, NoSQL Big Data Platforms
Big Data Sensing
& Procurement

Analytical Web Crawling, Web Search and Information Retrieval, Text Annotation, Big Data Sources and Crowdsensing
Big Data

Data Mining, Machine Learning, Social Network Analysis, Web Mining, Nowcasting, Sentiment Analysis
Big Data
Story Telling

Visualization, Visual Analytics and Data Jurnalism
Big Data

Privacy-by-Design, EU Data Protection Regulation, Data Scientist's Responsibility