Marchetti Andrea

Istituto di Informatica e Telematica, CNR

Andrea Marchetti is a technologist in the Institute of Informatics and Telematic (IIT) of CNR Pisa. In 2009 he funded the Web Applications for the Future Internet Group and is responsible of the activity “Social and Semantic Web”. His main research interests are concerning: web of data, digital humanities, data visualization, social media analysis and data journalism. On these issues he produced several publications. ( He participated to several FP7 European Projects: OpeNER (2012-2014) (, CAPER (2011-2014) (, Multilingual Web-LT ( He is leading the Research and Development Projects of “” GeoMemories ( and ClaviusOnTheWeb ( He cooperates into the activities of the W3C Italian Office, promoting the Linked Open Data technologies.