Guidi Gianluca


My name is Gianluca and I am from Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, a small town in Tuscany.
I graduated in Economics at University of Pisa and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. During my 2-year MSc, I had the chance to develop my research skills. Firstly, as a research intern at ISTAT, afterward as a teaching assistant in Microeconomics, and finally as a research analyst for a boutique investment manager. My latest experience before joining the master was at Finscience, a fintech data-driven company, where I served as a research and business analyst.
Both my academic and professional experiences made me realise how crucial big data are for research, regardless of the field, and that specific and vertical knowledge is fundamental to let data speak.
Music addicted, I enjoy playing guitar, tennis, chess and love hiking.


Narducci Roberto


I am a researcher with more than 8 years of professional experience in the Neuroscience field, with emphasis on electrophysiology and behavioral biology. I have also considerable experience in project management (both in Academia and collaboration with cosmetic companies) and excellent ability in data visualization, analysis, scientific writing and presentation (with good command of Python, R, Matlab and Latex).
I am also responsible for the creation, maintenance and update of an online database providing toxicological data-sheets for ingredients employed in cosmetic products: the NOAEL-project 2.0.
I’ve chosen the SoBigData master because of its supervised learning-path, covering all the basic aspects needed by a data scientist and in which it is possible to actively interact with team-mates in order to complete projects or single tasks.


Formichini Martina


I graduated in Physics at the Sapienza University of Rome. During my dissertation I started to be interested in research activity with the study of economic and technological bipartite networks. Subsequently I have been employed as Solution Developer working on different projects. I then decided to enroll in the Master in Big Data Analytics & Social Mining due to my growing interest in the world of Machine Learning and Big Data.


Carrozzo Isabel


I was born in 1996 in Genoa. I graduated in Philosophical Methodologies at the Università degli Studi di Genova and I have completed the excellence program offered by the Higher University of Genoa (IANUA). I started showing interest in Data Science during my master's degree, while I was doing my thesis in collaboration with the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) in the field of Social Cognition in Human-Robot Interaction (S4HRI). My desire to broaden my knowledge and access new areas of investigation and methods of data analysis led me to undertake the master in Big Data & Social Mining.


Sgroi Carmela


I graduated in Internationalization of Trade Relations at the University of Catania and I have deepened part of my university studies with the help of private courses and self-study. In this way I have acquired a wide and varied knowledge that covers the areas related to law, economics, marketing and business internationalization. In these years I realised how the management and analysis of large amounts of data play a crucial role in the modern world and in many aspects of our economic and social life. The main reason I decided to enrol in this Master lies in the desire to approach this field in order to broaden my knowledge and acquire new skills.


Giorni Guglielmo


My name is Guglielmo Giomi, I come from Tuscany and I am an interdisciplinary designer and researcher. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Communication Design from the Politecnico di Milano and a Master in Photography & Society from the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague (Netherlands).
I am interested in the notion of information along its entire path, from extraction, through processing, to its dissemination. In my personal research, I am interested in territorial minorities, spatial empowerment and experimental open-data paradigms. I started the Master in Big Data Analytics to learn quantitative methodologies necessary to understand complex phenomena more deeply and to be able to scientifically communicate on fast-changing issues related to data.


Mercanti Elisa


I am 25 and I come from a small town near Turin. After earning a bachelor's degree in Psychology, with a thesis in psychometrics on a data analysis technique, I specialized in Criminal and Forensic Psychology at the University of Turin. I have always been fascinated by data analysis and research methodologies in the psychosocial field and, after a brief collaboration with a private research foundation, I decided to deepen my knowledge in data management and analysis. I then applied for the master in Big Data Analytics to obtain some technical skills to study human phenomena from a quantitative point of view so to try to understand the complexity of the world around us.


Barba Simona


I was born in Naples in 1995 and in 2017 I earned my Bachelor Degree in Mathematics with a thesis in Algebra at the University of Naples Federico II. There I attended Mathematics Master's Degree Program choosing an application-oriented path and I earned my Master's Degree in Mathematics with a thesis about the mathematical modeling of a viral infection on microscopic level.
I have always been passionate about science and technology and during my studies I realised the importance of Data Analysis in a wide range of applications. This is why I decided to deepen my knowledge attending the Master in Big Data Analytics & Social Mining.


Scasso Riccardo


I am an enterprising person, always looking for new challenges. I studied at the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa and then I continued my master studies in Banking, Corporate Finance and Financial Markets.During those days thanks to some projects, I began to know better the world of Big data and for this reason, I decided to undertake this experience, to complete my studies. The Master has been a unique experience that has allowed me to grow a lot.


Mema Miki


I graduated in Economics in 2018. My thesis focused on investigating the effects of social relationships between individuals in the economic system. Following my graduation, I had several work experiences in the private sector, that made me realize the importance of data for business. I enrolled the Master in Big Data Analytics & Social Mining to learn the methods for data analysis in order to work as a Data Scientist in the future.



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