Data-Driven Innovation

Big Data for Business
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Building on innovation management literature, this course aims to provide a broad and updated understanding of the multi-level key issues regarding the firms’ data driven innovation process. More specifically, the course aims to present how big data could drive companies’ innovation processes. After a preliminary discussion of the key aspects that characterize companies’ innovation processes, emphasis will be placed on practical tools such as business model canvas. Then, the focus will shift to the new opportunities of innovation made possible by recent advances in the data collection and data processing techniques for big data. Finally, the key concepts and models of innovation will be re-interpreted by exploiting the potential of Big Data to open up new business opportunities. This course is based on several hands-on activities and will host a testimonial of a big data company.  The main objectives of this course are: 

  • To provide an overview of the main theoretical frameworks and analytical tools needed to disentangle the key managerial concerns behind innovation management and their overall impact on firm’s organization and performance; 
  • Equip participants with some practical tools that are very important to develop the business model of a company in the big data era. 
  • Lecture 1 
    • Overview of the course
    • Basics notion of Innovation (Definitions, measures, and sources of innovation)
    • Business Model Innovation: the importance of Business model canvas 
    • Hands-on Activity_Group Work Activity on Business Model Canvas 
  • Lecture 2 
    • The role of Big Data for innovation processes and products
    • Business model canvas in Big Data companies
    • Hands-on Activity_Group work activity: Business model canvas in Big Data companies
  • Lecture 3
    • Hands-on Activity_Big data company testimonial
    • Wrap up questions
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the theoretical frameworks and practical tools for the study and analysis of the sources, types, patterns, and management of innovation; 
  • Analyze and critically discuss the main issues in innovation management in the light of real business case examples and testimonials; 
  • Discuss information, ideas, problems, and practical solutions in the field of data driven innovation management;